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Friday, 29 November 2013

SAP  Solution Manager Overview:

SAP Solution Manager Online Training
SAP Solution Manager Online Training
SAP Solution Manager is a centralized support and system management suite. An SAP system landscape may include a large amount of installed SAP systems. SAP Solution Manager tries to reduce and centralize the management of these systems.
In such a landscape, SAP Solution Manager is the managing system, and the business suite applications (e.g. ERP,CRM, BI. EP) are the managed systems.
The current version of SAP Solution Manager is SAP Solution Manager 7.0 Enhancement Package 1.
SAP Solution Manager provides an extensive set of features in the IT Support area for enhancing, automating and improving the management of SAP systems:
Central System Administration
Project Management
Test Management
System Monitoring
Business Process Monitoring
E2E Root Cause Analysis
IT Technical Reporting
Centralized Alerting
Installation Keys
Early Watch Reporting
Change Management (Change Request Management & Maintenance Optimizer)
Service Desk

SAP Solution Manager Training Curriculum:
Introducing SAP Solution Manager

Evolution of SAP Solution Manager
Need for SAP Solution Manager
Tools Overview
Installing SAP Solution Manager
Hardware and Software Requirements
Installation Procedures
Basic Configuration Requirements
System Landscapes:
Creation of system Landscape
Creation of logical component
RFC connections generation Using SAP Solution Manager in Operations System Monitoring
Support Desk Service Desk Functions and benefits of service desk Configuration
Flow of Service desk message resolution
Integrate with SAP OSS
Applying oss notes and patches
Issue management
Create service desk message from satellite systems
integrates solution manager system with existing SAP management tools(CCMS)
setting up Early watch alert setting up service level reporting
Central system administration
Solution monitoring
Establish connection from satellite systems to solution manager system
SDCCN activation
Change request management
Configuration and use of Maintainance optimizer Checks for system availability
Important Note:
1) Apart from these topics more real time scenarios will be covered during the class.
2) Timings for the classes are arranged upon agreement of both the student and the consultant.